Tanzania has variety of parks and reserves, each with their own distinctive character, and each park has a range of accommodation to choose from. Safari accommodation varies from park to park also mostly depending on what you want to experience and not to forget the budget.

Tanzania safari accommodation lies in these categories:

Luxury accommodation

Think of top and exclusive service in accommodation this should be your choice. It mainly consists of Luxury tented Lodges and hotels inside the park strategically located, Safari lodges and Hotels situated in towns that host the Major National parks, for instance Arusha Town has top hotels that also serve the business community that travel to the town. It is also possible to get this type of accommodation as a seasonal tented lodge that moves according to the animal seasons and location.

Semi Luxury Accommodation

This type of accommodation is mainly for the not very expensive travelers but they still offer exquisite services and most of these are located inside the parks and others just outside the parks as far as up to 10 km outside the park. This also sometimes moves with the animal seasons especially in Serengeti.

Budget Accommodation

The name tells it, for budget travellers or travellers who are staying for long in the country. Inside the parks there is mostly campsites but outside the parks you will get numerous of these budget hotels hostels and campsites of course the location is suitable for budget safari travellers

We at Makao Safaris are well experienced in all these types of accommodations, we always advice on the best for you depending on your demands. So rest assured you shall have the best stay in Tanzania.

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